Area Attractions

Pensacola is a small city in Florida located just off the Gulf of Mexico. It is a popular tourist destination thanks to its pristine beaches, but it also has a rich colonial history and is home to one of the largest naval air stations in the US. All of these things contribute to a diverse culture with plenty to do for both tourists and locals alike. Here are some of the must-see attractions in the Pensacola area.

National Naval Aviation Museum

The National Naval Aviation Museum is a definite must-visit while you're in Pensacola. You'll find over 150 restored aircraft and extensive historical exhibits on site, as well as fun interactive attractions like an IMAX theater and multiple flight simulators. If you go on the right day, you can also see the Blue Angels practicing their flights. You can find the Blue Angels schedule on their official website by clicking here.

Shoreline Park

Pensacola is known for its beautiful beaches, and Shoreline Park is one of the most accessible in the area. There's a little something for everyone at this park - there's a designated swimming area, a dock and boat launch, and a designated fishing area. There's also plenty of open space, so it's an ideal place to come with dogs or kids and blow off some steam.

Pensacola Lighthouse & Museum

Located next to the National Naval Aviation Museum, this is another great attraction to check out when you are in the area. The lighthouse is over 150 years old, and you can take a tour to the top for some beautiful ocean views. Inside the bottom of the building is a small, charming museum that showcases the history of the area.

Palafox Place

Palafox Place is the commercial center of downtown Pensacola and is home to excellent local shopping, food, and nightlife. If you are in town on Saturday morning, be sure to check out the Palafox Market, and then spend the rest of the day strolling through the area to check out local galleries, boutiques, and cafes.

Pensacola MESS Hall

There are plenty of museums in Pensacola, but the MESS Hall is one of the most unique. It is a science and engineering museum that allows you to conduct interactive experiments. It's a fun and educational experience that's great for families, and it's conveniently located in downtown Pensacola.

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